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Designer Drains are Unique shower drains made as square and round shower grates,
made from reclaimed 304 Stainless Steel which means they will never rust or fade. 
By using only reclaimed material is our way of assisting the environment, one shower at a time. 

Designer Drains is proudly made in the USA.

Our shower drain covers are the simplest and the most rewarding for your shower remodel. As the most
overlooked item in shower remodels, our drains offer more then just a beautiful
decor in your bathroom, but with over 50 designs to choose from you 
are sure to find one that brings some character as well. 

Designer Drains are also made from Bronze, Aluminum, Steel, Brass and Stone. 
Our thickness range is from .06" to 1.00". We can also custom make
any of our drains to fit almost any brand and any size and offer a variety 
of finishes such as polished brass, copper, chrome, nickel, and even
natural weathered finishes. 

Our shower drains make for a quick, easy, and beautiful reward for
any shower remodel. 

We are located in Southern California and
are open from 8 am to 5 pm pacific time

We understand that figuring out what drain dimensions you have
and what is going to work for your shower can be difficult. So we invite you to 
Call us with your questions................888-957-3944 or 909-957-3944
Or feel free to text us with any question you may have at 909-957-3944
We will answer the best we can and phone orders are
more then welcomed!

Candy Canes
Price: $50.00
Candy Canes
These Candy Cane Sink drains are the perfect gift for your loved ones during the holiday. You can use it in your sink or you can tie a string around it and it can become one of your favorite holiday ornaments.
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